Who We Are

Nick Petrusha, Campus Director

Contact Nick at: nick@helenaxa.com

Haylee Petrusha

Contact Haylee at: haylee@helenaxa.com
Haylee and Nick both graduated from Carroll College in 2011. Haylee graduating in psychology and playing volleyball and Nick graduating in education and playing football. They have been the campus directors for 6 years. They felt God’s calling into campus ministry to change the university, marketplace and the world for Jesus. Haylee is passionate about using horses to help people in their relationship with God. Nick’s passion is helping boys become men of God. Haylee enjoys horses and a great movie, Nick enjoys hunting and fishing, Vera enjoys a good book and great food. and Daniel loves destroying sandcastles.

Tim and Brielle Pays

Tim graduated from Carroll College in December of 2017 and Brielle graduated in 2019. Both had life changing experiences playing college sports and encountering God through Chi Alpha. Now, they work to give students the opportunity to have those same experiences with God. In their free time, Tim likes anything competitive and Brielle loves getting thrift-scores and participating in all of the creative arts!

Discover our Core Values

These core values represent Chi Alpha Campus Ministries’ most deeply held beliefs. They serve to guide our decisions, our leadership practices, and our community life. All our organizational actions will reflect these core values.