What is XAE?

A unique outreach and ministry opportunity at Helena Chi Alpha is ministry through horses. We call this branch of our ministry Helena Chi Alpha Equine, or XAE for short. Through developing our own horsemanship skills and training horses using natural horsemanship methods, we have found many overlaps and profound imagery in our relationship with horses to our relationship to Jesus! Our team has seen great success in cultivating depth, connection, and self-awareness within our students by utilizing horses.
Some ways horses are used in ministry include leading a weekly small group in which horse activities are integrated within the Bible study, teachings and objective lessons during retreats, one-one-one discipleship meetings, leadership trainings, and more! Each of the 5 horses in the herd have their own unique “horsenality” that have helped illuminate personalities, traits and ways of relating to God and others within ourselves and students in our ministry.

Meet Our Herd!

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